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Who HASN'T wanted to learn a magic trick in the past? It is a common feeling most people have experienced. Magic is intriguing, a great ice-breaker, and a utility you always have on hand. It challenges logic and promotes critical thinking! Private lessons are available for adults, kids, or groups! Lessons can be conducted in-person, or virtually. 




Mentalism, mind reading, and comedy! More adult in nature and recommended for Audiences ages 18+

A close-up magic show is similar to strolling magic, except that the magic is performed for a smaller audience all at once, oftentimes sitting around a table. It involves magic commonly used in strolling, plus a few other magic effects that are too cumbersome for a pocket. This is most commonly booked for groups of 10-15 people and smaller dinner parties.  

Parlor magic is also commonly called "Stand-up Magic", or "Living Room Magic". Matthew's Parlor Magic involves some magic props, close-up magic, and unforgettable mind reading. It's a magic show on a smaller scale, without the full stage and curtain set-up. Most commonly booked for smaller groups, business meetings, smaller company parties.    

The "SHOW" Show

An award-winning magic show experience! Includes stage magic, close-up magic, mind reading, and comedy magic, all wrapped into one unforgettable magic show! 


Matthew's magic shows are customized to the event, venue, audience size, etc. They involve amazing mentalism and mind reading, unforgettable magic props, and many hilarious and magic surprises! Some events/venues will include the set-up of a mini-theater, including pipe and drape theater curtains, banners, a portable Bose sound system with wireless mic., and all necessary tables and supplies.  All shows include audience participation and create great memories for your guests! 



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Strolling Magic, AKA "Mingle Magic", "Roaming Magic", "Roving Magic", and "Walk Around Magic":  Matthew roams around the party performing card magic, coin effects, sleight of hand, mind reading, and mentalism. It's a great addition to large groups like corporate events, mixers, weddings, restaurants, and holiday parties. Strolling magic helps "break the ice" for clients, business prospects, new friends, employees, and co-workers.

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A dedicated Close-Up Magic Show. Magic with cards and coins, sleight-of-hand, and other award-winning feats performed just inches away from you (while socially distanced via Zoom). Recommended for Audiences ages 13+ due to the sophistication of the effects.

Not for the faint hearted or queasy! A high intensity (and sometimes graphic)  magic show. It's a bizarre and BLOODY GOOD time... Recommended for Audiences ages 18+


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The Mind's Eye

80% STAND-UP COMEDY, 20% Magic!

For Audiences ages 18+ 

The Art of Magic, fine tuned

Over the last 27 years performing magic shows at corporate and private events, San Diego Magician Matthew King has learned a great deal about not only magic, but also about performing for different events and various situations. He's fine tuned his craft to cover the many styles and sides of magic, from full theater shows to strolling and close-up magic.  The end result is a non-stop magic experience that will leave your guests amazed and entertained, even YEARS down the road! Whether booking a corporate magician, or for a private event, Matthew King stands out as one of the premier magicians in San Diego!