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Horrorble Halloween Show

Not for the faint hearted or queasy! A high intensity and graphic Halloween magic show, and a bloody good time! Recommended for Audiences ages 16+

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Card magic, galore, with expert close-up effects. Recommended for Audiences ages 13+

The "SHOW" Show

Mentalism, mind reading, and comedy! More adult in nature and recommended for Audiences ages 18+

An all around magic show experience with pieces from each show, wrapped into one unforgettable magic show! 

The virtual shows! 


A magic show for the little ones, and still entertaining for the grown ups! Recommended for Younger Audiences ages 5-8

Card Shark

Extraordinary LIL Magic Show

The Art of Magic, fine tuned

Over the last few decades performing magic shows at corporate and private events, San Diego Magician Matthew King has fine tuned the art through psychology, comedy, timing and body language. The end result is a non-stop experience which you are taken from laughing to sympathizing for the magician, and then astonished, and then laughing again!  Comedy and entertainment are a science, and combined with magic, you have an art.

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IBM: International_Brotherhood_of_Magicians

80% Stand-up Comedy, 20% Magic!

Recommended for Audiences ages 18+ 

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