Magic Shows - San Diego Magician Matthew King incorporates "Illusionettes" into his show along with audience participation and tons of comedic material.  He has collected some great magic effects over the decades, and every show is customized to the audience.  All shows utilize much audience participation, are fun, fast moving, quick, witty, packed tight with lots of magic effects and never fail to amaze and thoroughly entertain! There's something for everyone within San Diego Magic Shows and they will leave you wanting more!

Strolling Magic ​- Strolling Magic or "Mingle Magic"/"Roaming Magic" is exactly that. The magician roams from table to table, or down a buffet line or beer garden line, or just around the house entertaining your guests at their location at your event.  Strolling Magic is great among corporate events, weddings, restaurants, or anytime you have a large group of people spread out doing different things. Magician Matthew King uses his charming and fun personality to interact with your guests and help "break the ice" for new friends or co-workers, as well.

Close-up Magic - is performed as a dedicated, intimate performance with a few guests seated around a table to enjoy the mini-illusions and prestige presented by the Magician.  This genre allows the magician to present effects and routines slightly more complex than with Strolling Magic, as props that you would carry in your pocket can be stored behind the table until ready. 

Stage Magic - Looking for something on a more grandeur scale?  With a few grand illusions up his sleeve, magician Matthew King can arrange to turn your stage or auditorium into a world of magic! Even if you aren't trying to "pack the house", it still may be a possibility to add a Grand Illusion to the show.  Contact Magic Matt and ask.  

Face Painting - San Diego Magic Shows offers face painting in both the commercial airbrush painting for larger events to the hand-artists who paint either tattoos, or half/full face, depending on the size of the event.  Flat rate: $100.00/Hour.

Balloon Animals - Balloon animals/sculpting are a fun addition to almost any party or event!  Flat rate: $65.00/Hour.

Other Variety Acts - Magician Matthew King has networked with other vendors and entertainers in and around San Diego to bring you a plethora of entertainment.  Just ask if he can help you get everything you want for your event!

The Magic!

The Art of Magic, fine tuned

Over the last few decades exploring with magic, San Diego Magician Matthew King has fine tuned the art through psychology, comedy, timing and body language. The end result is a non-stop experience which you are taken from laughing to sympathizing for the magician, and then astonished, and then laughing again!  Comedy and entertainment are a science, and combined with magic, you have an art.  See it for yourself.  



 Matthew King

Magic for Corporate and Private Events