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Past Clients and Places you may have seen Magician Matthew King:



 Matthew King

Magic and Comedy for Corporate and Private Events

"The 300 adults and 200 children in attends were in amazement by your performance. Thank you again for the amazing show. Semper Fidelis!"A.L. Neely, MAJ, United States Marine Corps (Certificate)

"He did three separate shows, and we had over 400 attendee's.  His shows were great...He has a very good repoire with the crowd and does a lot of interactive tricks. The children loved him and the parents were amazed by many of his illusions."​Cindy O., Deputy Sheriff's Association of San Diego County (Yelp)

"Matt's act was impressively entertaining and interactive...both children and adults were entertained by his act. Whether on stage or off stage, Matt is wonderfully amicable and was a pleasure to work with. Since this was a large-scale event on a university campus, Matt was only one of many performers, but Matt stands out as the one who received the most compliments from university staff and event organizers. ...he demonstrated an admirable degree of adaptability. When he was not performing on stage, Matt served as our balloon artist and he did an exceptional job with that as well. The quality of his work was to the degree that he became the 'unofficial' central attraction of the children's section. I speak on behalf of the event organizers and the university staff when I say that Matt King would be fantastic entertainment for both large-scale, public celebrations and small-scale, private parties." - Jesse Mancilla, Co-chair, Children's Village for Cultural Celebration,University of California San Diego

"Matt the Magician came out and did some incredible tricks for the crowd...he was showing a spider on his hand. It somehow appeared on the woman’s leg and she screamed...then he did a trick that involved using a knife to cut into his arm, fake blood squirted everywhere.  I heard someone say, "This guy does some pretty intense tricks.  He'd be the perfect magician for teenage boys." The wife responded "Or punk rockers."  I said, "I just hope that's not the same knife they're going to cut the cake with....Before the cake was cut, the magician stuck one of the candles through his arm. I heard someone say, “Do you think he ever got any burn scars or broken bones when he learned these tricks?” - Josh Board - Crasher, San Diego Reader

"His act was very polished and professional and the students loved it!  He performed a wide variety of tricks including "Cutting a Lady in Half" (which was actually 6 pieces preceded by the famous Zag-Zag Lady), shoving a lit candle through his arm and a Houdini trick that involved extricating himself from handcuffs and a locked mail bag (all examinable ;-).  He varied his tricks to be age appropriate for primary, middle and upper grade students and made good use of audience participation.  I highly recommend Mr. King to other school and youth groups."Fabiola Bagula - Vice-Principal at Balboa Elementary School.

​"Thanks for your great show at our Blue and Gold banquet.  The kids LOVED it and talked about for son has even expressed interest in learning magic!  You handled the boys enthusiasm beautifully.  Thanks again!" - Erica Cox - Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Annual Dinner

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