Once I reached high school, I was ready for anything.

16 was a huge year.  I built up the nerve to audition to

become a member of the Junior Society at the 

Magic Castle in Hollywood.  My Dad took me to my

audition, which was composed of parlor style magic

I felt like I did just okay, partly because I knew I was

extremely nervous, this being the biggest magic move

known to me.  It was a very nice letter saying "No, try

again".  Back at home, I auditioned for the School Talent

show with my Sub Trunk routine.  I won first place in my school, and, after traveling through Fresno County to many different schools, I was awarded 5th place.  I wasn't satisfied with 5th!  SO...I bought illusion plans and had a friend's father, who was a carpenter, build me "Cutting a Woman in Sixths" (Abbotts, 1930's style) and started building a new routine.



As a senior in High School, I competed again in the county competition and took first place.  I also competed in the City Talent Show and took first place.Five days after graduating high school, I was on an airplane to New York City, as I was hired by American Entertainment Productions to perform at an amusement park there called Playland.  At the end of the season in September, 2001, and upon my return home, I decided to move to San Diego to remain a San Diego Magician.   Though to most I may be considered "young", I still have been performing magic since 1994.  I had my beautiful daughter in 2006, and she has helped me hone my experience with entertaining children.  Though she is more into singing than she is magic, she still enjoys helping me entertain and seeing all of the great reactions from the many audiences.  My eternal passion for my talent as a professional magician and successful performer continuously grows.

It all started with being fooled by a magic trick at 7 years old and, determined to know the secret, I began visiting my local library to read up on magic.  I received my first magic kit that year, and I immediately started expanding my knowledge of the art of magic. I started frequently performing magic shows at birthday parties for various family acquaintances.  Soon enough, at the age of 12, I was asked to perform my first paid public appearance, for the Boy Scouts Annual Dinner.  I continued buying new effects, and kept the same clientele for quite some time.   

(Magician Matthew King performing for a corporate event  in 1999 at the age of 16)

At this age, I attended a David Copperfield Magic Show and was lucky enough to be introduced to him, by a fellow magician, and had the opportunity to assist Mr. Copperfield on stage. At 17, I was ready to "Try Again" at the Magic Castle.  This time I had put together a stellar act with doves and many visual effects, intense music (and great acting) to compliment my "Cutting a Woman in Sixths" illusion.  I was accepted to the Magic Castle Junior Society at 17 and commenced meetings at this beautiful Victorian mansion built into the Hollywood Hills (WITH a magic library).

IBM: International_Brotherhood_of_Magicians



 Matthew King

Magic and Comedy for Corporate and Private Events