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Magician Matthew King provides award winning corporate and private magic shows across the nation, entertaining for trade shows, conferences, conventions, and more!  All events are unique, and we work with you to create your vision and customize the experience for you. From virtual happy hours, to crashing the end of a virtual company meeting, we can create a fun a memorable virtual magic show experience for your employees or guests.



It's been said that a magician is like an actor playing the part of a magician; however, having the ability to tie in psychology, misdirection, comedy, and charm at the same time is what is truly needed to create an unforgettable magic experience. Performing for corporate and private events since 1994, Magician Matthew King was born with a real passion for magic! With various shows to choose from, you can always find something that suits your particular audience. Check out the shows!

Top-quality virtual magic shows, mind reading, and mentalism! One of San Diego's leading magicians.

Voted as the 2019-2020 "ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR" by the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 76 in San Diego!

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Facebook Page for San Diego Magic Shows

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A magician captivates the audience and creates an escape from reality.

San Diego Magic Shows' magician Matthew King uses his witty and comedic style to provide a non-stop, immersive magic show experience utilizing sleight of hand, mind reading, and mentalism that will not only entertain you, but also leave you questioning reality!

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